Driven by Sustainability.

At Sovello sustainability is a holistic principle that spans social, technological, economic and ecological dimensions. To assure that our passion for sustainability drives corporate success, we focus on quality and professionalism. Technological achievements ensure lasting corporate success and motivate us all.


In all its activities, Sovello is guided by the principle of sustainability. Our products combine strong performance and quality, guaranteeing a lasting supply of clean, natural energy. Our research and development, our capacity for innovation, our willingness to continually improve and our focus on the markets expand the economic and technological substance of our company.


Sovello makes intelligent use of resources to achieve more. In this respect R&D is a critical success factor. The smart idea of converting sunlight into electricity opens a path towards a clean future and creates both economic and ecologic value.

Socially Responsible

Sovello assumes responsibility. Our technologies create new energy solutions by saving resources and reducing emissions. Ensuring that future generations will also be able to live worry-free in a sustainable way.


Sovello is direct and straightforward, we act dynamically and efficiently. On a human level we treat one another in a way that is straightforward, clear and respectful. This applies to the way we deal with each other within our company as well as to our communication with customers, shareholders, partners and suppliers.

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